Type 0 - The Club Signal
Friday, 06 July 2012

SYC_0_ART_OL.png 'The SYC Burgee'

The club signal - or burgee - is decribed in the By-laws and is the basic symbol of the club and the root element of all other logos. 

The burgee is ALWAYS presented as a Navy (dark) field with white (light) letters and border, regardless of the surrounding background color.  The burgee's colors should NEVER be inverted to appear as dark letters on a light field.

 Description  PNG files
 JPG files
PDF (vector)
 Basic SYC logo SYC_0.png
 Simpler form of logo art
 SYC_0_ART_OL.png    SYC_0_ART.ai
Very simple logo art with no outlines  SYC_0_ART.png    
Negative image of logo for use when printing light on dark.  Black areas are to be printed in white (or light color) on a dark background.    SYC_0_NEG.jpg  
Reversed image of logo for use on the right hand (starboard) side of a vehicle.
Image of the burgee logo presented as a flag.


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