Friday, 30 January 2009
Look at the 2008 US SAILING Highlights as We Sail into 2009  

Dear Members & Sailors,

Thanks to all of our board, volunteers, members and staff, US SAILING had a successful and rewarding 2008. Here are just a few worthy highlights:
 >The U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Teams won four impressive medals - two gold, one silver and one bronze - this summer at the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games in China.
>The 2008 US SAILING Championships crowned 18 national champions.
>1,600 Certified Sailing Instructors were trained, and in turn taught 70,000 students.
>Over 3,500 youth sailors participated in the USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival.
>Over 2,000 Offshore Rating Certificates were issued.
>57 Race Administration seminars and workshops were held throughout the country.
>12 Safety at Sea seminars trained over 1,900 sailors.
>6,000 sailors graduated from our keelboat training program.
>US SAILING had record sponsorship and fundraising support for our programs.

Thanks to our fourth consecutive year of operating surpluses, we have a sound hull as we sail into the challenging economic waters of '09. On behalf of the staff and board, we thank all of our dedicated volunteers and members for their ongoing support and commitment. And to all of our passionate sailors out there, we look forward to seeing you on the water and may you have fair winds, smooth seas, and a following tide in '09.

Charlie Leighton and the Crew
Executive Director, US Sailing


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