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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Notes from April 5th PHRF Class committee meeting.  

Notes from April 5th PHRF Class committee meeting.

Meeting began at 7:00

Dues are $50 per year for a boat to belong to the class.  Bylaws state that a boat that is not a member shall not be scored. 
Discussion of how this is enforced...whether on a race-by-race basis or overall points.  Need to clarify for R/C. The class is open to all boats, not just SYC boats.  This fact is possibly not well understood in the community and communication it is an opportunity for us to attract more participants. In general, the participants would prefer multiple starts for the different divisions.  Also, the Classics group generally prefers a triangle course.  This suggests that R/C should set up the start line at a fixed mark, and use a drop mark for the W/L upwind mark. The Fleet Captain should discuss such format issues with the R/C the day before each race. Sign up for PHRF series is through Regatta Network.  There is no cost for signing up. The Notice of Race and/or Sailing Instructions should be modified to also allow boats with valid SPHRF certificates to participate. The Bylaws were modified to remove the PHRF rating limitation of 210, and approved as modified.

Officers were elected: Fleet Captain - Don Griglack, Secretary/Treasurer - Tim Molony,  Classics Representative - Glenn Higgins

Tim Molony, Chris Clements and Comm Le Blanc are in discussions with a possible donor of a new perpetual trophy for the class.  More information as it is available. The meeting was adjourned approximately 7:35.  The Classics group met thereafter. There will likely be enough Classics boats to run both spin and non-spin divisions, which would also prefer separate starts.  As we don't have a C-division, it was agreed to use the red flag for Classics spin class-flag and the green non-spin flag for the Classics non-spin start.  This will modify the SI's. Classics want four spring and four fall races.  Schedule is to start just after the B-divisions start of the first race on each day.  Glenn and Don will work with Rocky get the schedule updated as necessary.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 21 May 2011 )
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