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Sunday, 10 January 2010
 TEAM LOVELL ADVANCES TO THE SEMI FINALS After a cold, windy and rainy day we moved up to the top four at the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta Qualifier and will take on Anna Tunnicliffe's Team in tomorrow's semi finals. It is the best to 2 points to move on to the finals. 

 Our day started out strong with 3 straight wins before our bye. The rain continued most of the day and the winds were out of the NW at 15 gusting to 24 with rain, heavy at times, and temperatures around 50 degrees. Certainly not the type of weather we were expecting to see in Miami! During our bye there was no place to seek calmer winds and there was a problem with the pin drifting and needing to be reset and the usually 30 minute wait for a bye turned into 1 hour! We tried hard to stay warm but it took a toll on us and we had some loses.  We did have great upwind speed and we were happy with the way the our communication and our boat handling was improving. On one downwind leg an umpire clocked us going 16 knots! We had some dinner and are drying out our gear to get ready for tomorrow's battle! The forecast is for winds 16 to 24 with cold temperatures but some Florida sunshine is in store! Thanks for your support! Katy, Corrie and Liz


Racing Canceled due to Cold Weather??!
It was very disappointing that racing was canceled on Sunday by the Organizing Authority.
When we drew for boats and sails at 0830 on Sunday morning the temperatures were in the low 30's and the winds were 15 knots gusting to 29, with a freeze warning to be lifted by the National Weather Service at 1000. Obliviously, it was a good idea to postpone until it warmed up. We were then told that another decision would be made at 1030. The sun peeked out but it was still cold and the RC decided to scrap the semi finals and go into the finals and petit finals, the first team to 2 points wins but we then we were further postponed until 1130. We had a cut off time for the last warning signal at 1500 so we needed to have enough time to launch boats and get off enough flights.
While waiting for the postponement to be lifted the Etchells fleet went out to race the Jaguar Series, with close to 30 boats going out to race the remaining 3 races. Several kite boarders could be seen on Key Biscayne enjoying the good breeze. At 1230 we saw the Dutch Match Racing team take out their two Elliotts for training and a group of Opti sailors were out as well.
 At 1130 the PRO announced that we were not racing. They said it was a safety factor, probably for the umpires since they were not prepared for such cold weather. Corrie and I were disappointed that other classes were out sailing and our regatta which determined a lot of funding and also the ability to attend World Cup events in 2010 was canceled. With the semis, finals and petit finals canceled the results reverted back to the 2 round robins.
 It was not a decision that I was happy with but I respected their decision. Therefore we did not get a chance to move up to 3rd and did not qualify for the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta. Before the event Anna and Genny were already declared on the US Sailing Team from World Cup results from last year so neither Sally nor I could make the team.
 All of the four teams helped Sail Sheboygan, who supplied the Elliotts and the support staff for a nominal charter fee, take out the umpire boats. We were also able to clean up the beautiful sailboat that Ron Drucker so graciously let us stay on during the entire week of training and racing.
 We came away from the event learning a great deal from Coach Dave and the invaluable boat handling practice that we got over the week.
 Corrie and I are going over the clinic and regatta schedules for the year and requesting invitations to events to Grade 1 events in the US to improve our overall ISAF World Ranking of 27th. The higher Grade 1 events give you more ranking points to improve your overall ranking. 
 Thanks again for all of your support!
 See you on the water, 
Katy and Corrie
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